Terry / Mencel / Herman Trio +++ ABGESAGT +++
Mi 27. Juni 2018 | 20:30
Terry / Mencel / Herman Trio +++ ABGESAGT +++

+++ ABGESAGT +++


Das Konzert des Terry/ Mencel/ Herman Trios muss leider ersatzlos abgesagt werden. Die Gastronomie öffnet an diesem Tag ab 15 Uhr für die Übertragung des WM-Spiels Deutschland-Schweden. Ab 19 Uhr findet der Pfeifenabend statt.




Dieses Jazz-Trio vereint Musiker aus drei Generationen: Brad Terry, legendärer amerikanischer Klarinettist, Joachim Mencel, versierter polnischer Jazzpianist und Peter Herman, begnadeter junger Gitarrist. Mit Aufrichtigkeit, spontaner Improvisation und beeindruckender Fähigkeit, aufeinander einzugehen, spielen sie mitreißende Jazzstandards und Eigenkompositionen in unverwechselbarem Stil.


Die Musiker des Abends:

Brad Terry (born 1937) is jazz clarinetist and whistler. He has played with Dizzy Gillespie Doc Cheatham, Buck Clayton, Red Mitchell, Buddy Tate, Elliot Zigmund, Eddie Thompson John Basile, Steve Grover and Lenny Breau. Terry has led jazz workshops and clinics in many countries, including the U.S. and Poland. He has been active in touring and recording as a duo with Polish pianist Joachim Mencel. They can be heard together on the recordings All About Spring and Live at Fort Andross.
The most recognized album featuring Terry is The Living Room Tapes featuring his earlier work with guitarist Lenny Breau. Terry is an accomplished and virtuoso whistler. An example of this talent is featured on "Blues for Carole" from these sessions. The duo can also be seen together on the DVD Live at the Maine Festival from Art of Life Records.

Joachim Mencel (born 1966) - A pianist, composer, lyricist (hurdy-gurdy player) and music producer.
A graduate at the Music Academy in Katowice (1991). A cofounder of New Life’m, he has played in the bands created by Janusz Muniak, Andrzej Cudzich, Nigel Kennedy and more. He collaborates on a regular basis with the American clarinet player Brad Terry (LPs: ‘All about Spring’, ‘Colorado’, ‘Live in Fort Andross’). Mencel is an esteemed vocal music arranger. He composed and arranged songs for Ewa Bem (LP: ‘Kakadu’), Mieczysław Szcześniak, Nina Stiller, Anna Maria Jopek, Kaissa and others. He also composed film, ballet and pantomime soundtracks. In 2006 he composed a jazz cantata named ‘Love has explained everything to me’ for Karol Wojtyła’s lyrics to be performed by a jazz combo, a string orchestra, a boy choir and solo artists. Also in 2006 at the request of the Kościelski Foundation a new literary and musical project named El Greco was created. In 2009 Mencel wrote an oratorio called ‘Transitus’ about the life and death of saint Francis of Assisi to be performed by an orchestra, a mixed choir, childrens choir and soloists accompanied by a rhythmic section. He has toured in many European, American and Asian countries, mainly with his independent project named jmTrio (LP: ‘lnterludium’). In addition, Mencel has collaborated with a great number of musicians, including: Lee Konitz, Dino Saluzzi, Richard Galliano, Dave Liebman, David Friedman, Eddie Henderson, Ronnie Burrage, Charlie Mariano, Rufus Reid, Terry Clarke, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Vitold Rek, Jarek Śmietana and many more.

Peter Herman (born 1989) - American jazz guitarist
He played with Chris Claxton, Taylor O’Donnel, Rob Duquette, Brad Terry, Richard Nelson, Steve Grover, Rob Duquette, RJ Miller and Denny Breau, among many others.
Recorded with Ardvark Jazz Orchestra, live performance and recording of “Impressions” at MIT in April 2013. KPAC community big band, with director Chuck Millazzo. (2017)
UMA Tour Band, travelling to Middle and High School band classrooms around Maine, giving clinics and concerts. Under the direction of Steve Grover (2010-2013)



Besetzung: Brad Terry (kl, whs); Joachim Mencel (p, hurdy-gurdy); Peter Herman (git)



Mehr Infos unter: http://www.joachimmencel.com/en/



Fotocredit: Alicja Dybowska