American Whiskey Online Tasting (ticket for 2) - Address in English!
Mi 30. Dezember 2020 | 20:00
American Whiskey Online Tasting (ticket for 2) - Address in English!


Listen up, American whiskey fans!  

Who's in for some new sensations instead of spending another night home alone? 

Have a taste of distinctive American whiskeys like Bourbon, Rye and other grain based premium-category spirits. In this informative yet entertaining online event, you will learn everything you always wanted to know about the production, history, and specifics of some of the most exclusive American whiskeys.

5 thoroughly curated American whiskeys, 5 cl each (about 1,7 oz; measured for two persons), will be sent to the specified by you address by our partner Spirituosengalerie Stuttgart. The interactive online tasting will take place via Zoom, the access link being transmitted to you in the booking process. For those who prefer to only listen to the input and not take part in the interaction, the stream will be made available on our facebook pages (BIX Lounge, BIX Club, and Spirituosengalerie). It will be possible for facebook followers to also ask questions on facebook live via chat, the Zoom session being the main event nevertheless being prioritized.

If you are interested in private tastings we are happy to coordinate an appointment for a closed session according to your requirements.

Price for 1 tasting kit for two persons: 39,00 Euros / booking via our partner's online shop Spirituosengalerie.

In case you have more questions we are happy to help:

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